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About us

The Personnel Office is part of the University's administrative team. It primarily provides professional services for faculty and staff members. At present, it comprises 11 members, including the Director, 2 section chiefs, 1 specialists, 4 officers, 3 contract administrators.
The Personnel Office encompasses 2 sections. Each has its specialized responsibilities:
Section 1 is in charge of appointing faculty and staff members in the University, and takes care of contract-based personnel. Its main tasks include: establishing and enforcing official regulations, managing personnel quota, promotion, part-time job outside school, teacher's evaluation, promotion within 6/8 years for new faculty members, appointing the University president, distinguished/Chair professors, and hire of contract-based personnel, negotiation between employees and employers.
Section 2 deals with evaluation, training and supervises the welfare of teachers and staff members. Its main tasks include: sabbatical leave, overseas studies and research, review of rewards and penalties, attendance record, selecting excellent teachers and administrative staff, training, and handling of grievances. Another its managing fixed and flexible salary, health insurance, retirement, pension, solatium, personnel information corpus, and taking care of retired University members.